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I had planned to release a CSS oriented tutorial (still plan to) centered around adding some basic elements like buttons and content boxes (or alerts). As many people I talk to are not comfortable messing with their theme’s CSS, I decided to look into shortcodes which many people have gotten used to thanks to the plethora of plugins that take advantage of them. Taking it a step further, I took a swing at building a plugin for these CSS elements.

Well, I did it.

Genesis Style Shortcodes is a light weight plugin that simply enables button, content box, and column shortcodes for your Genesis Child Themes. You do have to add the shortcodes manually right now, which you can read up on how to do so here. I plan to update this plugin with some additional elements down the road, as well as possibly adding a button right on your “Kitchen Sink” in the post/page editor for ease-of-use.

I’ve also been hard at work on releasing my first commercial theme (which should be available very soon). In some upcoming themes I plan to take a different approach to adding some theme specific elements via the post editor. Instead of using shortcodes, these will just add the necessary HTML. However, as many people use plugins that modify TinyMCE (your kitchen sink area), this method may not play well with them. That’s where Genesis Style Shortcodes will also come in. This way, no matter what plugin combination you are using, you’ll be able to easily implement these styles.

You can download Genesis Style Shortcodes over on the repository or straight from your dashboard via Plugins > Add New. View the demo.

Hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions or just want to give your input – shoot me an email at jt at genesistweaks dot com or leave a comment below.


  1. Nice one Justin
    Appreciate you taking the time to give something back to the Genesis community.
    Should prove very popular.

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