I filled out the form. What happens now?

Soon as you hit that submit button, my phone makes an alarming sound that usually makes me jump. I take a look at your project and make sure I’m the man for the job. I then grab some coffee, proceed to break your project into smaller, $20-a-pop chunks, and email you back with a quote. Once you accept and payment is received – I get to work.

How much does it cost?

Each “tweak” is $20 a piece. Your project may be made up of many “tweaks”, so the price can vary quite abit which is why I have you fill out that dreadful project brief.

How’d you come up with $20?

Each “tweak” is generally 30 minutes to an hours worth of work. However, if I miscalculate and it takes me, say 3 hours, there is no extra charge.

How long does it take?

I pride myself on getting back to you as quickly as possible. The project itself will vary depending on the amount of work, but I estimate it in my quote.

What if I don’t like your service?

Well.. I’ll probably break down and cry, followed by a Law and Order marathon while eating an entire tub of ice cream. But good news for you, I do give a 60 day money back guarantee. I like happy people and will do whatever I can to make sure this never happens.

How do you accept payment?

Paypal. If I could – it would be hugs, bubblegum, and Starbucks cards.

Question not listed?

Shoot me an email at jt@genesistweaks.com