Hey, I’m Justin Twerdy – the resident tweaker. I started Genesis Tweaks to create an easy way of customizing your Genesis child theme whether you’re a developer needing to save some time, or a blogger/website owner in need of assistance.

But who the hell am I?

I’m a 20 something year old guy living in the Dallas, TX suburbs trying to pay for college and striving to make a living using WordPress and the Genesis Framework. There’s a plethora of reasons why I chose to work exclusively with WordPress and Genesis, and could write about it all day long. However, I’ll save that for my blog. Simply put, combined they are the best tools in my arsenal, the possibilities are limitless, and most importantly my clients absolutely love using them to manage their site. No really – they get excited when I teach them something new. They get a little taste of that “Wow, I can do THAT?!” that I experience on a weekly basis.

I may be a young whipper snapper, but I’ve been actively working with the web since high-school (over 10 years now). I even got a nifty little Web Master certificate. I’ve been working with WordPress and Genesis for the past 8 years and created over 100 websites using Genesis Child Themes. I spread “CSS Magic” to all the good boys and girls, slay dragons with the pen tool and chant epic ballads in HTML and PHP.

What I can do for you

Need to add your logo? Done. Want a portfolio page for your child theme? Done. How about a custom widgetized homepage? Done. Change up some colors? Done. Pinterest button to your posts? Done. Cool hover effect on your links or images? Done. Mobile Responsive? Done. Want something to work in IE? I’ll think about it.

Want more?

If you’re after a bigger project, I can help. Need a website migration or want to convert your current site to WordPress? No? Well I also do full blown websites, blogs, hosting, SEO, internet marketing, consulting, logos, flyers, Facebook/Twitter pages, video editing, other shiny graphics… you name it. If I can’t do it – I’ll find you the best person who can.